The Peterson Buildings – on the brick Main Street

Our Historic brick Main street has two of the very few brick buildings in Stanwood.  The two brick buildings side by side  on the south side of Main street were built in the 1929 and early 30s.

They were often referred to as the Peterson Buildings, built by a Mr. Peterson, a local contractor who we know little about so far.

The east building was built as the Citizens Bank.  The Citizens bank company built a larger bank across the street one year later and became the Bank of Stanwood. The original building was taken over by a dentist though we are unsure of the exact succession of owners.

The west building was first used as the West Coast Telephone Company for many years.  West Coast Telephone was one of the many independent community telephone companies that operated in small usually rural communities outside of A T & T.

We are still working on the succession history of owners/renters of each building and help is always welcome.  Contact us!  If you like old buildings, consider helping us with research of our buildings for our participation in the September Historic Sites tour…