Thank you to our community !

Thank you to those who contributed to the preservation of the Pearson house in the in our recent fundraiser,  Roofing has been completed. We are very close to being able to get started on the repairs and restoration of the kitchen area of the Pearson House. This goes a long way towards supporting all of our planned programs and history events for the coming year.  Please stay tuned!

The preservation of the historic structures in our care is a major goal of the Stanwood Area Historical Society, one which we continue to make possible through projects such as the renovation of the D.O. Pearson House.  Just in time because though the repairs to the roof and kitchen have been on our list for a while, the recent rains and wind have made it all the more urgent.  (see photo below!)

The moisture of the recent rains and new leaks loosened the 1990s wallpaper repairs and exposed the early or perhaps original wallpaper.  The historic pattern is a bit dingy but appears as if it was quite nice at the time.

Repairs and estimates will be done by August thanks to Austin Anderson (A. R. A. Construction).