Memorial Day 2021

11:00 AM ~ We begin Memorial Day at 11:00 am at the Anderson Cemetery, where the American Legion continues their tradition of honoring the Veterans who are buried there.

NOON ~ At noon, we will close 102nd Ave. NW from 271st to 272nd Street and we will set up chairs in front of the SAHS Veterans Memorial. The Cookie Mill will have cookies and hot drinks available and Ed Pearson will be performing live music.  (COVID19 Guidelines will be observed with masks and social distancing) 

There will be an art and military exhibit on the first floor of the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center highlighting the life and work of Fred Pilkington. On the second floor there will be an exhibit on the Von Moos family tradition of placing flags on Veterans graves at Anderson Cemetery. There will also be an exhibit on Bob Neale of the Flying Tigers, who was Camano’s Ace of Aces.

1:00 PM ~ At 1:00pm, the ceremony begins and service flags will march up 102nd Ave. to the south entrance of the Memorial. We will welcome the Veterans and make announcements. Then everyone will stand for the presentation of the U.S. flag, the National Anthem, the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer by Pastor Scott Brents.

Ed Pearson will play service songs and all service flags will be posted. Richard Hanks will read a story from his book, followed by the reading of all 50 names. Mary Pilkington will carry the POW/MIA flag and post, Ed Pearson will play God Bless America and Samuel Stanton will play Taps. The American Legion Post #92 will perform a 21-gun salute.

When the program is over we will continue to have cookies and drinks, the exhibits will be open until 3:00pm and Richard Hanks will be selling and signing his book on our fallen heroes for $21.00 (cash or check please) with all proceeds going to the Memorial.



D. O. Pearson’s gardens

Flaval Pearson, daughter of Fred Pearson, granddaughter of D. O. Pearson in their garden north of the FNCC.   2004.79.01

Our recent clearance of the lot on 102nd Ave just north of the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center has opened up a large city lot that apparently had been empty until 1971 when the house was built.   Just by chance we happened to discover these two photographs in our collection and some notes that show this garden on lot in the 1920s – 40s.

Apparently D. O. Pearson and perhaps his son Fred, used this lot as a garden.  Here are two photograph of his Fred’s daughers, Claire and Flaval in the garden.

The snapshots were donated by Claire Payne in one of her visits to the Pearson House from her home in Spokane.  The lower photograph is her sister Flaval who became the Anacortes librarian in 1939.

1948 cropped aerial photograph of the gardens north of the FNCC (former I.O.O.F. Hall ) Photographer: J. Boyd Ellis.   By 1948 the roofline of the FNCC is no longer peaked.  The house in the top right photograph was moved one lot north of the gardens in 1976.

Thank you to our local businesses for support.

See previous post below for details.  We are soon planning for new building to expand our displays and storage needs.  But in the meantime, we thanks these businesses for their time, skills and equipment use to make way for our future plans.  Meanwhile, as soon as weather warms we will be working on finishing the painting of the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center.

Please help with your donations and with volunteer time to help us prepare for opening our the museum and facilities by late spring or summer.  Contact us !

Preparing for new projects

The Stanwood Area Historical Society owns and operates the D. O. Pearson House, the  Eldridge Museum, the Tolin House business office and the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center.


The house north of the Floyd which is owned by SAHS had been long planned to be removed in hopes of expanding the historical society facilities to better serve our mission.  Because of Covid19 our usual income generated from rentals at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center which were partially earmarked for this project were drastically diminished.    Plans for removal of the house had to be put off once again. 

Fortunately SAHS member, Les Anderson, was able to bring together the right businesses willing to help at the right time.  “This house demolition donation will make it easier to expand in the future” said Les Anderson, and is necessary because the Society wants to keep our options open for this property site.  With so much potential created by freeing up this space, SAHS is appreciative of the donors business’ Omni Contracting Solutions (Tim Murphy), The United Group, and Lenz Enterprises for their commitment to our community and the Stanwood Area Historical Society.

Another interesting thing about this project was that the materials were shipped down to the United Group Snohomish location for further processing and sorting into repurposed landscape or construction materials that will help beautify and build local communities just like Stanwood.

These collaborating companies provided this work at no charge and have finally made it possible to plan for this space to be used to feature future historic exhibits. This dream includes a possible new building that has long been part of a strategic plan.  The building would provide more space for our heritage projects and programs to preserve, interpret and enhance the community’s sense of identity through its past.  To continue support for SAHS, please visit:








Thank you to Bill Keller and Richard Hanks for coordinating and collaborating to hasten our efforts to expand and grow. We are now ready to move on!  Thank you to Les Anderson for his creative solution to this long standing problem!

~~~ Karen Prasse, Volunteer/Member SAHS