• D. O. Pearson House – Historic home of Stanwood’s first mayor. Maintained as a Victorian Period Home.  Contact us for special tours for school classes given by members featuring historical clothing and childrens activities.
  • Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center
    The Historic IOOF Public Fraternal Hall main floor is used as event space with museum exhibits featured on the third floor.
    Our popular Waistlines Hemlines exhibit has had a major updating.  Blended with the clothing of the decades are some of the important historical events and stories of the area’s history all with amazing photographs of the eras:

    • WWI Homefront – Fallen Heroes remember
    • Once a Milltown – Logging and Lumbering
    • Consolidation of the “Twin Cities” and their schools
    • Early Churches
    • Dr. Mac – First medical man in Stanwood
    • Stanwood Klondikers of 1898
    • “Trees to Peas to Prosperity”
    • Camano Island Resort History


  • Eldridge Center ~ History research and display space formerly Stanwood Camano History Museum
    • Spirits of the People ~ For the people of America’s First Nations, the moral rights of the universe are not just bestowed on human beings but are granted to the elements of their physical environment—the animals, birds, rivers or weather for example.  Objects such as those displayed here also have power and are alive. They each are imbued with part of their creator. While we may not know who their exact makers were, we honor them and the care they brought to their creations.
    • Stanwood High Schools’ Class Picture Project – Museum ramp
    • Market & Main Street History in Pictures – Museum ramp
    • East Stanwood History in Pictures – Museum ramp
    • Early Stanwood / Camano Area Fabric Art — Sewn by Camano Island Quilters & designed by Jack Gunter – – Museum 2nd Floor
    • The Story of the Stanwood Waterfront – Stillaguamish River and aerial views of historic Stanwood. – Museum 2nd Floor
    • The Stories Maps Tell – A Cartographer’s View of Port Susan, Stanwood Area and Camano Island. – Museum 2nd Floor

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