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Historical Newspaper offices in Stanwood

Stanwood newspapers were challenged by the renaming of the town(s) it served over the last century. Originally the Stanwood Press, it was also known as the Twin City News and finally the Stanwood Camano News. Until recently it was locally owned but is now part of large of conglomerate of small newspaper companies all over the country.

Its first news office was typical of 19th century storefronts, this one located on Main Street. In front is Attorney Mitchell who published the paper until the early 1910s when it was taken over by “Olsen and [George] Astel”  and later Loren Angevine who owned it until 1930 with G. F. Brown.

In 1931 Brown took over and it was renamed the Twin City News.
In 1939 Brown sold to Horn and Dence who owned it until 1958 when Cliff Danielson took it over in 1958 and who renamed the newspaper the Stanwood
News again.

Stanwood News office building 1920s - 1976

Stanwood News office building 1920s – 1976


In 1960 with the consolidation of the towns it was renamed the Stanwood News.  In 1980 it became the Stanwood Camano News.








Recently and just in time for Memorial Day, the Camano Lutheran Cemetery Board  commissioned a new monument at its entry. The old sign had finally deteriorated beyond  saving or fixing, road improvements needed to be made and new landscaping and plantings were added.  Cemetery Board members are a group of four volunteers who manage burials as well as all improvements and documentation such places require.

Camano Lutheran Cemetery, East Camano Dr.







The improvements were funded through many donations of time and money by community members and with assistance from the Washington State Historic Cemetery Grant Program.  For a complete list of contributors and more details about the extent of the project, please see this pdf of the report CamanoLutheranCemetery 2019.  The Camano Lutheran Cemetery is located on a hillside and is a quiet place for contemplation and solace.  You may visit any time and tours will be given during the Stanwood Camano Historic Sites tour on Sept 19.

Historic Gas Stations

Glass Tech building about 2003

Signal Gas Station

Image donated by a member of the Pearson Family who lived across the street. 2010.40.09

The window company Glass Tech has been at corner of 271st and 102nd NW (west side of Stanwood) since about 1997.  This building and location once served travelers along the Old Pacific Highway (before I-5) .
Before 1924 or so the Old Pacific Highway once wound through the Stillaguamish River Valley towards East Stanwood across the railroad tracks. From the East Stanwood the road went west as it does now toward the waterfront that was the original Stanwood town.  At the corner of 102nd and 271st NW it is said there was a Red Lion Gilmore Gas station that also provided automotive services.  We have little information on this era of the building though the 1918 Sanborn plat map shows the buiiding footprint at this location much as it is today with its storage building in the back.

Manser Wangsness took it over in about 1933 on the rented land from Helen McDougall O’Melia. It was at that time known as the Signal Gas Station.  Manser Wangsness was proprietor until about 1960 and it was locally referred to as Wangsness station or the Stanwood Station.

1964 or 1965 view of the Flying A gas station era. Image donated by then owner’s daughter. 2015_04

Image of Flying A gas station in 1964 or 65. 2010_40_09

Image of Flying A gas station in 1964 or 65. 2010_40_09

In 1964 it became known as the Signal Gas station and auto repair service and operated by Dick Aldrich.  From the photographs it appears he added the garage on the north side of the building.  In 1972 Howard Moffet opened How D Glass in this building. An article in the Stanwood News Dec 27 1972 says that by then the hand pumps had disappeared. Moffet began in the glass business in Lynnwood before moving to Stanwood in 1971.  (How D Glass moved to another location nearby some time before 1981.)

In about 1981 it was a Steve’s VW Service. Another early business in the building was Bingo Auto Polish and in 1997 Glass Tech operated by Susan and Aaron James took it over though the property is leased by an owner who purchased in 2002.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you know more about this building.

Glass Tech – Gas Station turned window company, 2018.

Current Glass Tech building.

Current Glass Tech building.