Waistlines & Hemlines

The exhibit features our extensive collection of women’s vintage clothing from local donors. New fashions are added each year to enhance the already spectacular display.

Waistlines and Hemlines vividly tells the story of the women who lived in the Stanwood and Camano Island area during the first seventy years of the twentieth century. The exhibit features an extensive collection of fashionable ladies’ clothing that serves to illuminate women’s history in the decades from 1900 through 1970.

These are the clothes that women saved because they were treasured. The clothing had special meaning and memories attached to it. Outfits range from wool swimsuits to satin and lace wedding dresses.
The display of vintage fashions is organized in sections devoted to telling the story of each decade through the clothes women wore then.

While the clothing collection is truly impressive, docents have enhanced the fashions by cleverly weaving into the exhibit historical anecdotes, photographs from each decade, newspaper articles and ads of the day, period objects, and an interpretive synopsis of each era covered.

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