Efforts in collaboration

We are speculating but assume this sign probably was made for Hwy 99 promoting Stanwood and East Stanwood, [more below]

This photograph was among several photographs donated by Shirley Danielson probably used in the Stanwood NEWs.  We haven’t yet found an article documenting this effort in community development. For those new to the community, Stanwood and East Stanwood were once two towns who had a healthy rivalry but occasionally came together for a common purpose such as promotion of the area.  The name of the local food processing company, Twin City Foods references this historic era and retains its historic name.  For more on the story, find copies of the Stanwood Story by Alice Essex, check with us for copies and more information.  Click here for an online article. Please Contact us if you know more about the folks who might be in the photograph or anything about the occasion.

Update – the photograph was published in the June 3 1948 issue of the Twin City News :

“…sign personally built and painted by members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce at the farmhome of Arne Lervik….and erected on the west side of Highway 99 just south of the Heichel Bros garage at Davis Corner.  Photo by F. Templeton…..members shown are Bob Seabury and Lee Bloom, Dean Sill, Calvin Templeton, Oscar Hansen, Fred Tiffany, and Herman Baalson, Ray Ronnestad and Arne Lervick….”