1916 ~ One Hundred Years ago

One hundred years ago in Stanwood the “Stanwood Tidings” (the local newspaper) compiled a special Issue featuring the Achievements in this community by local businesses and institutions.  At this time the first world war was changing the face of Europe and in Everett four men died in the Everett Masscre in a labor riot blamed on the I. W.W.

Wisconsin Timber Co. that became Clough Lumber Co., 1923 the Hamilton Lumber.

Wisconsin Timber Co. that became Clough Lumber Co., 1923 then Hamilton Lumber.
Railroad tracks along the wharf to load timber & sawdust onto steamers or barges. Giant burner used to generate power for electric company in early years. It was located along Stillaguamish River waterfront  and Irvine Slough.  Photographer : John T. Wagness.  [see the book “Stanwood Story”, v. 2, p. 4, 22, 32, 38 for the rest of the story]

In Stanwood, business was booming.  Both The Stanwood Lumber Company and the Wisconsin Timber companies (opened Dec 1916) dominated the waterfront.

The community near the depot referred to as East Stanwood had formed a Commercial Club and would soon incorporate in 1922 as a separate town.  Streets were being paved with bricks and the Pacific Highway was just being built.